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College Management Solution

CubePro CMS is a comprehensive management tool for College to enable and empower the college management with information technology. CubePro is built by functional, technical and academic experts to take care of the administrative, academic and financial activities of the College. CubePro relieves the administrative stress of the management thereby providing them Space to focus on more quality education. CubePro fragment all administrative functions of a College into micro level activities with seamless integration of modules.

CubePro is tailored to meet the needs of any College irrespective of its size, Strength or Structure. CubePro provides accurate and timely information to the management with complete control and security. CubePro organizes stores and retrieves real time data to provide information support for instant management decisions.


I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to our development partner, YaalPro Technologies, who have shown outstanding commitment and dedication to our success!

Dinesh Murali N,
Co-Founder, Pets & Plants Organisation,

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